How it Works

Step 1 - Pay Your Subscription for 30 Days

Make your subscription payment for 30 days through our secure online payment gateway. While making your online payment you are asked to submit your details including your chosen category to create your account with MyDigitalSignBoards.Com.

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Step 2 - Activate Your Account

Once you submit your details and category ,we will be sending an account activation link to your email inbox. So please make sure to click the activation link sent to your email inbox to activate your account with us.

Once your online payment transaction is successfully completed you can access your favorite Digital Signboards through your activated account.

Step 3 - Receive Your Personal Dashboard

Once your account is activated you will receive your Free Personal Dashboard also in your account.

In order to utilize your Personal Dashboard you need to have a Facebook profile.

Your future payments s also can be easily done via your personal dashboard.

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How To Use Your Personal Dashboard

Register Your Facebook

You need to first register your Facebook profile on your Personal Dashboard before utilizing it.

Upload Photos

Once you take pictures holding your favourite digital signboards on your iPad or tablet upload them via your dashboard.

Then the dashboard automatically posts your photos on your Facebook.

Note: The feature to connect your other social media sites apart from FB will be coming soon.

Invite Friends / Clients

Text the signboard picture to your friend’s or client’s mobile through the dashboard to request them to share it on their Facebook and comment.

Future Purchases

Your future purchases can be easily done via your personal dashboard. Therefore please keep it bookmarked on your browser.