Frquently Asked Questions

A: Digital signboards are an innovative technology that allows you to easily implement digital signage on an iPad or tablet, where you would have used traditional signboards. Message flexibility allows you to create a meaningful impact from a fast, convenient source. When you share images of your patients or staff with digital signboards on social media sites such as Facebook, you can cultivate a friendly community online. Show staff appreciation, highlight exemptional patients or customers and increase your online presence.
benefits of digital signboards? A: Digital signboards are affordable – available for a low monthly subscription fee. Digital signboards are quick – access your signboards in no time through our easy to navigate dashboard. Digital signboards help you establish credibility – portray your practice in a friendly, fun way on your social media platforms. Digital signboards help you grow your business – continued social engagement with digital signboards grows your online community and your number of patients. Digital signboards help you create deeper relationships with your clients and staff – recognition with digital signboards creates memorable experiences.
In today’s competitive market, social engagement is a huge tool for professionals and small businesses. Digital signboards give you one more way to engage with your community online and connect the patient experience to social media. Building social proof with digital signboards also allows you to leverage positive patient/customer experiences and milestones into powerful testimonials that speak for themselves. You can also incorporate these images to your website to build further social proof.
A: There’s a couple of reasons you should choose digital signboards. First, is you know that they will always look great. There is no wear and tear like traditional paper. Second, digital signboards are environmentally friendly, simply download them to your iPad or tablet.
When you sign up for MyDigitalSignboards, you will pay a monthly subscription fee which gives you access to an easily customizable dashboard. Once in the dashboard, there are several different categories to choose from. Pick and choose the signboards you prefer from a range of signs offered each month. We make sure to customize signs for the time of year, considering specific holidays. You can choose relevant signs based on the time of day, a day of the week, or month of the year. The simple, pay as you use structure gives you the flexibility you need in your business. Take your practice or business to the next level by choosing MyDigitalSignboards to build social proof, increase staff appreciation, and allow your clients to share their positive experiences.
Tony Tropeano and Clayton Oates are just a few of the accounting professionals who utilize water coolers to reach their audiences.